Food vacuum device, 175 W



Device for vacuum packaging food products in special bags designed for this purpose. Thanks to such packaging, the products retain their freshness and nutritional value for longer.

Food vacuum device, 175 W 131.30лв. 124.10лв.


• The device only works with corrugated bags / envelopes.

• Compatible with bags: EURO 67887 and EURO 67888


• Power: 175 W

• Bag width: max 28 cm

• Air flow: 16 L / min

• Negative pressure generated: from -65 to -80 kPa

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 34 x 15 x 6.4 cm

• Material: stainless steel and ABS plastic


• Compatible with both cut pouches and sleeve roll pouches

• Extremely easy to use device

• 4 buttons with different functions: wrap, stop, stick, pulse (instant stick, suitable for delicate foods)

• Light indicator showing the operation of the device

• A cable holder that allows you to hide excess cable

• Stable during work thanks to rubberized feet

• Safety fuse

Additional information

Weight 1.75000 kg